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New Social Network SUGAR Conducts the Pre-ICO with a Great Bonus Program

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Today, social networks are among the most visited resources in the global Internet. The development level of social networks today has almost reached its peak, and in connection with the saturation of the market with so-called networks “for all”, it is increasingly possible to observe the emergence of new niche projects in this area. These are social networks for people with common interests. Each of these social networks is unique in its own way, and in the future all of them will find their users and take their place in the market.

It is worth noting that, despite the crazy pace of the development of various types of social networks, their personalization is very important, that means their setting for each specific user. Thus, when a person enters a social network, he sees only what he wants, and the information, offering to him, correspond to his interests. To solve the problem of the lack of one of such personalized social networks the SUGAR project was created.

SUGAR is the first decentralized social network based on blockchain for communication and support of representatives of the LGBT community all over the world. The potential audience of 300,000,000 users is an impressive numeral. An innovative social network SUGAR will bring together a huge number of people with common interests, that will allow to attract powerful advertising campaigns in the LGBT environment, to carry out large-scale charity events, etc.

Main about SUGAR

SUGAR users can count on full privacy. Data privacy and its protection will be provided through the fundamental principles of decentralized technology. The use of the blockchain technology will safely protect databases from hacking, and the method of end-to-end encryption will make it impossible for strangers to access the history of users’ communication. Moreover, the user will be able personally to establish different degrees of protection on different categories of the data. So, personal data, internal exchange of messages, and history of purchases are completely protected.

Multifunctionality of the SUGAR platform

Saturation of the social networks market increases competition between them. In this case, innovations in the form of new functions of social networks are their competitive advantages. So, in addition to communication, the SUGAR platform will open many other unique features for its users. For example, the messaging module will contain a universal translator, which will allow LGBT representatives from the different countries to communicate without borders. Users of SUGAR will be able to have both a standard account for personal use, and a business account for commercial use. In the SUGAR platform will be integrated an online store with a wide range of goods, where you can both purchase and expose a product or service for sale. Due to a special built-in module, users will be able to conduct online streaming: various webinars, master classes, video blogs. In the SUGAR platform will be built more than one hundred various games, a graphic image editor, and many other useful functions, about which you can learn more from the project’s Whitepaper.

Future use of tokens and its economic value

SUGAR has its own cryptocurrency – tokens LGBiT, which will be implemented on the Ethereum public blockchain as a ERC20 token. Work is currently under way to ensure their rapid reintegration into cryptocurrency exchanges, where they will be available for trading. Moreover, SUGAR project plans to purchase LGBiT from its holders in the necessary quantities to ensure marketing purposes.

LGBiT tokens will be used for mutual settlements between users, for purchases of goods and services, for raising funds for charitable purposes. SUGAR will also accept LGBiT for payment of their advertising spaces and other commercial services from clients who are not users of SUGAR network. So this fact will undoubtedly make the existence of LGBiT even more economically reasonable.

In accordance with the project’s Roadmap in December 2017, it is planned to launch a working demo version of the social network, which will allow users to register and create their own profile. The introduction of this working version in parallel with the implementation of the marketing plan for the project development will allow to increase constantly the number of users of SUGAR network. Thus, by the time of the start of the first official release of the social network, it will already have an impressive number of users. As the SUGAR network grows, as its user and business partner base will grow and the LGBiT value, which in turn, will contribute to expanding the project, increasing its capitalization and growing popularity. It is not hard to imagine that in case of success of the SUGAR project, LGBiT price will exceed the proposed price on ICO, which will be of interest to its potential buyers.

Conditions and distinctive features of SUGAR pre-ICO and ICO

A total of 50 750 000 LGBiT tokens will be issued within the SUGAR ICO, of which 550 000 are planned to be sold at the pre-ICO stage, 200 000 will be reserved for the project’s bounty program, and the remaining 50 000 000 will be implemented during the main stage of the ICO. Unrealized tokens during the ICO will be terminated. It should be noticed that the sooner the investor acquires the project’s tokens, the more bonuses he receives: a higher rate in relation to Ethereum, and the larger size of the bonus itself in quantitative terms. So, at the pre-sale stage you can buy LGBiT tokens at a price of 1 ETH = 800 LGBiT and get a bonus of 33%. The pre-sale period began on November 15 and will last until December 14. Next, will start the first stage of the ICO, where the project’s tokens will be sold at a price of 1 ETH = 700 LGBiT, and the bonus will be 16.5%. As SUGAR reaches a certain amount of funds raised, one stage of the ICO will be replaced by another, during which the token rate along with the amount of received bonuses will decrease. ICO will last from December 15 to March 1. Note also that under the terms of the bounty program, for the support of the project in various social networks, you can get good rewards in the form of LGBiT tokens.

More information about the SUGAR project, about development plans, pre-ICO and ICO conditions, you can find on the official website, where Whitepaper and Roadmap, and other official documents are presented, or on the pages of the project in all popular social networks.